Three weeks so far

It’s going on three weeks that I’ve been here in Montréal. There’s a ton of snow, it’s cold and I miss my house. And as you may have guessed, the stress levels keep mounting. Everything starts to grind on my nerves, although I keep my mouth shut and do whatever I can.

Still, I can tell the mood keeps changing because of how snappy people are getting towards one another. I’ve stopped wearing make-up and just tie my hair back every day now. And forget about the leather pants. I think I’ve worn them twice since getting here. Most days it’s track pants or jeans or whatever I fell asleep wearing the night before. However, I know that I’m helping in a big way, so all I can do is hang in there and keep up the good work.

I hear there was a big game or something today…hehehe. Normally I would at least watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, but this year I was just too busy “playing house”. Lucky I’ve had the antics of Homestar Runner to keep me laughing and amazing cooking to fill me up.


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