Best movie scene ever

What a wonderful world we live in! As if 2004 couldn’t get any better, it turns out that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Whorepez finally broke up! I know last time I got all excited about this news it turned out to be a hoax, and with Jersey Girl coming out in a month’s time, it could be another joke this time too, but it’s still the best news of the day!

I figure if it is a joke, then it’s so that people who found the “worst celebrity couple of all time” sickening and stayed away from their movies, will actually go see Jersey Girl now – then of course somehow they’ll end up back together again. (God, we can only hope not!)

And the best thing is – and I can spoil it now since sooner or later everyone will find out about it (and it’s one of the many reasons I will be lined up on opening day) JENNIFER WHOREPEZ DIES IN THE FIRST 12 MINUTES OF THE MOVIE! In the words of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons: “Best…movie… ever!” Hmmmmm… that’s two Simpsons quotes in the past few days… I wonder if our lives really are influenced by that little cartoon show?

JUNK FOOD TALLY THUS FAR (but not all in one day): Pizza, Chili dogs (called Michigans), French fires – the latter two were taken care of last night! Now, where did I leave my treadmill?


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