The operation was a success!

One of the main reasons that I came to Montreal was to lend my support to a friend who had a family member undergoing surgery. Hip replacement surgery, to be exact.

I didn’t say much about it before because I wanted to wait to see how it turned out, but now that all’s well, so on with the celebrations! I can tell you this much; I wasn’t there to watch the actual operation being done and I probably wouldn’t have had the balls to go through it myself based on the stories I heard. The patient was very brave and made everyone proud! In the words of Bart Simpson to Homer when he had his bypass operation, “You rule intensive care!”

On the subject of things that rule, my growling tummy got the best of me on Monday so I went to check out a pizza joint in town called “Pizzeria Zoé”. Can you believe it? This so is a great way to start 2004! Okay, the owners don’t spell it the same way as my name and they put a funky little French accent over the e, but when they answer the phone they say “Zoey, bonjour” so all is cool.

Olivia sent the pics of the party around and let me tell you, there are some funny ones. I’m not sure which ones she wants shown and which ones are subjects best left unsaid. Either way, it was cool to see.


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