Back in Montreal

I’m back once again in Montreal and already I had some junky fast food, but hey, that’s what’s so fun about being on vacation! The way I look at it, I spent the better part of last year trying to stay in shape so I can afford to eat what I want. My hit list while I’m here includes poutine (French fries with gravy and melted curd cheese), chili dogs a good old fashion “Mr. Steer” hamburger and maybe some other things. Three weeks being back in Montréal… should be fun.

I’m still waiting for Olivia to finish her pictures of last week’s birthday bash so I can share a few shots with you all. (Hint, hint Olivia…hehehe)

Oh, and just a thought… Freddy vs. Jason is just as good on DVD as it was when I went to see it in the summer. Watch for Freddy vs. Jason II which I heard is supposed to be coming in summer 2005!


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