New cars and the need for salt

Holy crapballs!! Quick, run to your windows and see if Four Horsemen are galloping over the horizon. It might just well be the end of the world! My mom BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! That’s right, her beloved 1991 Ford Escort has been sent off to its final resting place and she’s now the proud owner of a brand new 2004 Saturn Ion.

It’s a shock because my mom loved her old car so much and it really did a lot of her… she swore she would never get another one. But time took its toll on the ol’ Ford and she traded her Blue Oval Blood (car terminology, folks) for dent resistant doors and side panels. Yah for her!

Speaking of things without front wheel drive, a friend had quite a fall today outside work. Turns out the assclowns that own the building where the office is didn’t see the need to put down any salt, so now my friend is lying on his back hoping he’ll get better fast.

I can’t stand it when people are lazy and don’t do their jobs. (I’m talking about the building managers by the way! hehehe) We all hope she gets better soon.


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