Reading blogs and stuff

I always love to read other people’s “blogs” and see what they’ve been up to and things they have to say… I guess it comes from being a writer and wanting to know about other people’s lives. Since walking into some stranger’s home and sitting down on their couch and waiting for them to tell me how their day was might seem strange, I think reading someone else’s website is probably the best idea. So if you have one, or know of any, please feel free to pass them along. Mention them on the Message Board or just email me if you feel like it.

I’m not really sure when it started snowing here, but it’s been going all day. Driving is crazy and people are all over the place. It took Olivia almost forever to get home when she took the Don Valley Parkway… I heard something like 10 km/h or something… too damn slow for me.

Despite best advice, I’m heading out into the cold and snow tomorrow. I have some shopping to do for not only food (which thankfully I can do anytime at a 24hr store) but also for some clothes and other things. I’ve been meaning to go max out the credit cards at IKEA and I feel a home renovation idea coming (thanks, and YES I do watch HGTV as someone asked on the Message Board) Hmmm… what a shameless way to plug this site’s new feature AND talk about what I’m doing tomorrow.


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