Vancouver bound

Ever had one of those days when no matter how early you get up, you still feel as if you don’t have enough time to get everything done? Be that as it may, so far this week seems to be flying by. Friday was fun with Olivia as we all celebrated her birthday with beer and chicken wings (a true journalist/columnist, as you can tell!) and then on Sunday took her out for breakfast at the Marriott buffet. I’ll see about getting some pictures on line as soon as possible.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going out west to Vancouver next month. I’ve never been there before and frankly, I don’t see myself going back or getting the chance to go any time soon afterwards. Then again, that’s how I felt about Toronto seven years ago. (Can you believe seven years?)

Anyway, the Vancouver trip is still up in the air… speaking of which, air travel never sat well with me to begin with. In the words of Garfield, “I’d feel a lot safer if I could keep one paw on the ground at all times.” If anyone has any good tips on places to eat out west or fun things to do, please email me and let me know! Maybe I’ll speak with Charley seeing as that’s where she’s from.

Other than that, so far 2004 is pretty good. Can’t really complain except about the amount of crappy reality shows on TV – but then again, I don’t watch so I don’t care.

How’s your year been so far?


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