My resolutions should be…

Okay, first resolution of the year should be to be more on time with getting resolutions up and on line. Updating my site more often would be good too. I can’t really think of any others right now.

Kind of sad how the first major news stories of the year are the Mars rover sending back images of the red planet, yet all we can talk about is how Britney “I wear hoop earrings so I have a place to rest my ankles during sex” Spears got married and then called it off. What some poor losers will do for attention.

My Discman for some reason stopped working today. I have no idea why and it pisses me off so much – not because now I have to buy a new one, but because it broke in the first place. 2004 was going great until now. Maybe this is just a minor set back. I guess I’ll check out Wal-Mart or Best Buy tonight and see what I can find.

Also, it’s cold as all hell here in Toronto. There’s a little bit of snow, but the wind and the fact that’s freezing doesn’t help. I certainly hope that warmer weather is on its way.


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