End of the week

Friday seems to be off to an early start… or maybe it’s just a late Thursday. Either way, sleep will be short and sweet as I have quite a few things to do today.  I’ve also been checking out Sam’s Club and found great things a plenty for the house. Maybe I’ll even shock myself and get most if not all of my holiday gift getting done before December. Yeah right!

Well, it’s official, as I said in my diary and my last Update… I’m stepping down for a few months and taking some much needed time off from writing a column. So far the support I’ve been getting from friends, co-workers and family has been great, and I assure you that this isn’t a Bill Murray quits acting to join the NBA stunt, or a Celine Dion “retirement”. I’m actually going away for a while, but will still be updating my site and diary for everyone. So, I guess it’s like a Cher retirement… I’ll really go away.

I also feel the need for steak. Maybe it’s my birthday getting to me or just the fact it’s been a while since I last had one, either way, I think I will have to round up some friends and make a trip to a local steakhouse. Maybe Outback or The Keg, which ever one I happen to drive by when the next urge hits.


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