Time off in 2004

Well, it’s been a while since I last updated, but then again, I’ve been going through a lot these past few weeks.Speaking of going through a lot, I’ve decided to take some time off in the new year. I knew this was a long time coming, and honestly I feel it’s for the best. It has nothing to do with what some people might think of my column or my style of writing. As I’ve said before, I’ve been writing a column for almost ten years, and since 1998 in newspapers either in Montreal or Toronto. I need a few months off to gather my thoughts.

Don’t worry, my little sabbatical is not for good, it’s only for a little while. What will happen to my column? That’s the beauty of a syndicated column, newspapers have the option of buying older column that they haven’t run yet to run in the place of mine, or they can just put something else in it’s place.

In other news, Toronto has a new mayor… and no, I didn’t run. There were actually 44 names on the ballot. Looking back on it, I’m kinda glad I didn’t throw away $200 on an entry fee just so I could see “Zoey Castelino” as a candidate for mayor. As it turns out, ANYONE living in the city of Toronto who’s got some money to burn can run for office. Maybe in four years.

And yes, I noticed… my birthday is on Tuesday. . I’ll be 29 years old, and right now I have no plans to celebrate. Last year, I went to see 8Mile and had beer and wings. That might be the order of the day again this year. I’ll have to see if anything looks interesting


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