Another week off

Normally, this would be where I tell you to go and check out my latest column, but I’m taking another week off. As it turns out, the door swings both ways seeing as the paper that buys my column wants to use the space for something else. That’s fine with me. I actually knew about this a while back, but only found out for sure the other day.

I went to the doctor’s and as I suspected, he believes I might have a slight touch of depression. These things happen and they can be treated, although he doesn’t think I need to lie on a couch and tell some guy my problems – seeing as he put it, I don’t really have that many to begin with. I just need more stimulation in my life.

Looking back on this year, he seems to be right. I did way more things last year when I first got to Toronto and was very active with friends and co-workers. Now I just tend to keep to myself more and more. Maybe I need to see a movie.

Oh, and oh wow… because in less than two weeks, on the 18th of November, I turn 29 years old. I can’t believe I’m a stone’s throw away from being 30. I guess one of these days I really should act my age.


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