Movies and tours

Just to let you know… it’s cooooooold outside! Winter is on it’s way. So much for those magical crisp fall days where it’s nice outside, with just a touch of coldness in the air. All the cold weather was a good enough reason to go on the press-tour of the new Sam’s Club stores here in Toronto. Sadly we weren’t allowed to buy anything. They open to the public on October 30.

I did check out Scary Movie 3… and surprisingly, it was actually funny. Much better than the first two disasters in the series. Probably because the Wayans brothers, with all their hip-hop crap and drug jokes, weren’t at the helm of this one. I feel sorry for anyone going to the movie and thinking it’s gonna be another romp through ‘da hood’, as some of the teaser posters might have indicated. There is a 8 Mile spoof in it, just to make sure you  get your fix of hip-hop, but the franchise has taken a turn for the better without the Wayans. But you’ve been warned:  part 4 is in the works too.


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