The Force is strong

CNN is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger has become Governor of California. Did anyone think this wouldn’t happen? I But it does leave us with the idea that if for any reason what so ever we aren’t happy with our Governors or elected officials, we can always recall them and vote in movie stars. Even though I’ve never made a film, if there is ever a recall in New Jersey, I will move back home and run for office.

Good news for Star Wars fans like myself, according to their official site, principal shooting on Episode III has wrapped in Australia. There will be some post production shooting in March and we should be able to see trailers sometime in late 2004. As of now, there is no working title for the movie despite rumors of “Rise of the Empire” or “An Empire Divided”.

I know the new movies are not nearly as good as the original three, but look at it this way; only a year and half until the new film comes out and then no more. The sad thing is, knowing how bad Episode I and Episode II were, for some reason I’m still waiting eagerly for Episode III.


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