Monday means getting things done

Monday came on pretty much as I expected it to;  sun came up, I had a latte, I worked out and then I even got some writing done. Now I’m faced with dilemma of trying to decide what to buy at Home Outfitters. (Which is exactly like Bed, Bath & Beyond.) The cool thing about it is, customers get reward points that can be put towards free items. And we all know that free is always a good thing.

As luck would have it, I can collect 10,000 bonus points next time I buy something over 10 bucks. So now I have to think about what I really need to merit a trip down Eglinton. Either way, the store is just cool to walk around. Too bad IKEA doesn’t offer a rewards program.

It was a average day yesterday as I went to Wal-Mart to get some large Rubbermaid boxes that I can store stuff in down in my basement. (Remember what I said about putting stuff out of sight?) I also have come to a dead halt in the book I’m writing seeing as I just don’t know what the next level is going to be.

I’m counting down the days or at least the weeks and months until I get to use my new “Calendar a Day” that Olivia got me featuring “Quotes from Tough Dames”. Each day in 2004 will be marked by a witty or somewhat smart-assed remark from a famous (or not so famous) woman. I doubt anything I have ever said will be in there.


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