Giving a Hoot

I started yesterday by frantcially looking all over my hosue for my prized Hooters of North York t-shirt that I got back in 1997. I’ve been wearing it every year on October 3rd, and I couldn’t let today pass by without putting it on and seeing if it still fits.  And since Hooters of North York closed last year, the shirt means even more to me now. (In the world of Hooters fans, it’s a collector’s item.)

I know what you’re saying… “If you had a smaller place, it would be easier to find things.” That’s actually not true. I’ve been able to lose things in one room, so size has nothing to do with it.  Besides, since I have decided to make my house look like an IKEA showroom, everything that doesn’t fit with the modern, minimalist decor gets tossed into boxes and bins and put out of sight.

You might also be wondering why a girl has since a thing for Hooters. Hey… what can I say? They make really good wings.

So with the shirt on my back, a few of us headed down to the new restaurant on Eglinton and enjoyed way too many deep-fried things. When that was over we headed down to see what the folks at one of my favorite Italian restaurants were up to. We stayed for a few drinks and thankfully none of us actually danced on the bar this time. Although there were these two girls that were about one belly-shot away from being on “Girls Gone Wild”.  Thankfully they weren’t with us. Without a doubt, they will have such a headache today.

I was checking out disc-jockey Nat Lauzon’s website again the other day and I noticed she was talking about how radio people have crazy dreams sometimes, journalists seem to have them too! Most of them have to do with reading… except that when you’re dreaming you’re using one side of your brain and it’s the other side you need to use when you want to read, (or something like that) so technically you can’t actually read in your sleep. You can only make out certain words. Does that make sense?

Anyway, try to imagine a columnist not being able to read her own work! Yeah, I woke up screaming too.

The rest of my first weekend in Toronto was spent just going around town, to malls, a movie theater and of course to Taco Bell. Starting Monday I will really make each day count… or at least I will think about making it count.


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