It’s chilly and I like it

It has certainly been a “leather pants kind of day” these past couple days here in Toronto. The weather is downright chilly, but that’s the way I like it.

If was 1997, then I would be on the bus heading to Toronto to begin six months of fun. As it turns out, it’s 2003 and I’m still here. Either way, I drove past my old place yesterday afternoon just to see it again. It hasn’t changed.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking Tammy shopping for a new laptop. She is toying with the idea of getting hers upgraded or maybe just buying a new one. Seeing as I have been having some problems with my own computer, I am also in the market. If you have any good tips on good comps, send a long a much needed email.

I think I will try and see a movie later today. I know I have to get my front turning signal fixed on my car because for some reason, it’s not working again.


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