Running around

Okay, so I’m not breaking any speed records by getting a jump on being more active and making each day in October count. In fact, I slept in, didn’t go to the gym and even skipped my morning Slim Fast shake.

I am however “blogging” in while my bed sheets are doing the mambo in the dryer. Laundry day is very important… plus there was nothing else to do. I will have to run out to the store to get some things – I always seem to be running out of something around here.

After much running around and searching five… yes five Staples stores, I finally got new ink cartridges for my printer. So much trouble just to save a few bucks… then again, seeing how much ink I do use in my line of work, a few bucks here and there means more nachos at the theater. I think next time I will try one of those “refill” places where you can get your printer ink refilled for half the cost of what your cartridge cost. So far nobody I know has used them…if you have, let me know if they are any good.

Coming back from my adventures, I made it in just in time for the new season of Gilmore Girls. So far the new season looks like fun. The witty banter, the always perfect hair… *sigh*… I have said it before, I will say it again, sometimes I wish I was a Gilmore Girl.


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