Month: October 2003

Good and Bad News

Okay, so this month will so not be the most active month in the history of my life, but I’ve been dealing with a lot these past few weeks and sometimes things get me down. On a happy note, Sam’s Club opens to the public here in Toronto tomorrow, so maybe I’ll head over there and check it out again… and actually buy something this time!

I was sorry to hear about my friend and fellow columnist Charley who lost her grandfather this week. It’s never easy to lose someone who is close to you. Sending out thoughts and prayers to Charley and her family.


Movies and tours

Just to let you know… it’s cooooooold outside! Winter is on it’s way. So much for those magical crisp fall days where it’s nice outside, with just a touch of coldness in the air. All the cold weather was a good enough reason to go on the press-tour of the new Sam’s Club stores here in Toronto. Sadly we weren’t allowed to buy anything. They open to the public on October 30.

I did check out Scary Movie 3… and surprisingly, it was actually funny. Much better than the first two disasters in the series. Probably because the Wayans brothers, with all their hip-hop crap and drug jokes, weren’t at the helm of this one. I feel sorry for anyone going to the movie and thinking it’s gonna be another romp through ‘da hood’, as some of the teaser posters might have indicated. There is a 8 Mile spoof in it, just to make sure you  get your fix of hip-hop, but the franchise has taken a turn for the better without the Wayans. But you’ve been warned:  part 4 is in the works too.

Kelly and Kim

Man, everywhere I turn I see Kelly Ripa! First on a soap opera, then on Regis (I mean the show, not actually on Regis) then hair care commercials and now on some sit-com. I’m not sure if she annoys me yet, but doesn’t she ever take time off?

Oh, I still haven’t made up my mind about what costume or costumes I will wear for Halloween this year. I have a few parties I really should go to, but no outfit that I like. One person wrote in and said I should go as a Schoolgirl again, another one said I should be “Kim Possible” seeing as I have red hair. I kinda like that one, but I don’t know how I would feel dressing up as a Disney character. I welcome any and all ideas… the party is Friday and another one on Saturday.

Weekend gone by

I just finished a second helping of the most amazing lasagna that a friend brought over for me. It tasted even better seeing as I didn’t have to cook it.

The weekend has come and gone and my mind is still all messed up about what I should regarding my job as a columnist and writer. It was nice just to be able to sit back and relax over the past few days and not really do anything big. I should do it more often – except sitting around doesn’t pay the bills.

Of the emails that I did get regarding anything I might do in the future, one of the standout nicest ones came from a friend of mine who lives in Ottawa and she gave some encouraging words.

And Kobe Bryant will stand trial? This should be months of fun… I bet he gets off. Still, it will be entertaining for those who thought that we were fresh out of celebrity news stories for the year.

The winds of change…

It’s really, really windy outside today. I can hear my stuff on my back deck blowing around. Right now I’m trying to decide on going outside and bringing in the deck chairs like I should have done yesterday, or crossing my fingers and praying that they don’t get blown through my windows. There’s no mistaking it now; Fall is here.

I’m still up in the air about what I should do regarding my career. I already spoke with my editor as well as the editors of the publications I contribute to, and they are all understanding. No matter what happens, I would still be a freelance writer/journalist so that would be money coming in. I will have to reach a decision by week’s end. To help think things over I may go see a movie this afternoon or just go to a mall and walk around. Shopping is very therapeutic.

Being thankful and full of thought

On a day when most of Canada spent time being thankful, I did a lot of soul searching. I have to take stock of my life and see what I want to be doing. I love writing, but sometimes I wonder if I’m still good at what I do. I’ve been writing a humor/opinion column for almost 10 years, even when it wasn’t published for a while and that will take a lot out of one. I know there are writers who have been doing this for decades, but sometimes I just feel burnt out.

I know I also have to be less self absorbed with myself and my work. The web site is one thing, but keeping the over inflated ego is another… and having that hurts my work. I always said that I’d step down before I was asked to and before my work became stale. I also didn’t want to become something I hate or wasn’t proud of. I need to come down off my high horse and see that I’m not as great as people tell me I am… or that I think I am.

Other than that… not much else is new. I guess the above thoughts are best suited for my diary, but I haven’t updated that for a while. Have a happy and safe Columbus Day Weekend/Canadian Thanksgiving… play safe. I’m still craving that Pineapple Curry Chicken from Young Thailand I had the other night.

Another night out

Just got in from quite a fun night out. Tammy and myself went down to watch a taping of Maggie Cassella’s topical discussion/humor show “Because I Said So” (which can be seen in Canada on Star! TV and CityTV in Toronto.) She had some cool guests including Canadian singer Kim Stockwood and former I Mother Earth lead singer Edwin (who by the way, is a major hottie) After we went to Young Thailand for a late dinner and of course, Tammy had to cap off the evening with a Starbucks latte.

INow I gotta finish packing before I go to bed so that I can be ready to leave for Montreal.