Starting a new month

Okay, just so everyone knows, a Starbucks latte is always considered ‘the breakfast of champions’… or at least of writers. Well, that’s it.  September is over. On to October. Only 30 more shopping days until Halloween. Do you have your costume yet? I still have no clue what I’m gonna be. If you got an idea, let me know.

I gave it some though and have brought back the Guestbook to this site. I placed link buttons at the top of this page and on the main one too. Let’s try and keep the well-wishes (as limited as they may be) to things that have to do with the site. In other words, if you just came back from a Creed concert and feel like telling the world how awesome it was, save it for when I build the Shout Outs message board.

I also want to apologize about the annoying pop-ups that are on this site. (That’s how the bills get paid) It all depends on the time of day and how much web traffic the site has seen in the past while. I guess I have you people to blame/thank for it.


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