Being normal

Today was one of those days… it cleared up a bit, so I went shopping. I then needed to clean the rest of my house and once I got through that, I found I had wasted pretty much the entire day. I wrote an email to my mom… checked my mail in case she wrote back (she didn’t yet) and then had a snack.

Thinking it could only go further south from there on in, I made plans to stay in tonight, but then shot those down when Tammy called and was feeling lonely. So went went for drinks at a nearby hotel bar and that brings to me to where I am now.

So as you can see, not very productive or interesting, but proof that normal things do happen in my life.

Speaking of normal,  I also know I have to go and get my new membership card for the Sam’s Club stores that are coming to Toronto next month. I signed up a while back but haven’t my horrible pictures taken for the ID cards yet. So now the ball is in your court, Sam’s Club… let’s see if you can take a better photo than Costco and the D.M.V.

Rather than sit home last night, I decided to go and see what trouble I could get into.A few friends decided we should go to Dave & Busters up in Vaughan. We ended up having a great time – mostly because they had SKEE-BALL! (Now, here’s where growing up on the Jersey Shore as a Jersey Girl is put to good use!) I tried the Philly Cheese Steak at their restaurant, and sadly it wasn’t the best I ever ate. But then again I’m nowhere near Philly right now so I guess all is forgiven.

I also was able to work on two columns yesterday and started a third one, but now I have to go back and edit them since I am my worst critic and I don’t think they’re the funniest or the best I have done.

And if you got a few minutes to spare and you wanna laugh, then check out this site called Homestar Runner. Tammy showed it to me and once you get used to the silliness of it all, it’s pretty witty and fun.


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