Still busy, still working

As always, I’ve been busy. I did some much needed work, put off doing the laundry for as long as possible and took a look at the new layout for this site. I’ve been toying with making some changes to my web world in the coming year, but knowing me, I don’t think I can wait that long to unveil it.

If nothing else, visiting my web-buddy who has been suggesting layouts and ideas for me, gave me a chance to sit around, drink a Starbucks Latte with an open briefcase nearby and look like I’m one of the super-working-office-tower people of this city. The plans I went over look pretty nice and should bring a better, more easy read to some of the pages on this site.

I did make it to the Film Festival as promised and even took in a few parties. Again, I’m not really one for all that, but it was nice to be invited.  In keeping with all things entertaining, I picked up Family Guy Voume 3 on DVD, so I know what I’ll be doing for the next few days.

I also got my ass out and about for more food-related adventures. Last week I went to  Joe Badali’s on Front Street and then yesterday I drove down Queen Street the so-called up-and-coming area known as Leslieville and tried “Gio Rana’s Really, Really Nice Restaurant”. (Yes, that IS the real name.)

I had been to his original restaurant on Yonge Street, a place that locals called “The Nose” and was pleased to see that things have gotten even better.


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