Month: September 2003

Starting a new month

Okay, just so everyone knows, a Starbucks latte is always considered ‘the breakfast of champions’… or at least of writers. Well, that’s it.  September is over. On to October. Only 30 more shopping days until Halloween. Do you have your costume yet? I still have no clue what I’m gonna be. If you got an idea, let me know.

I gave it some though and have brought back the Guestbook to this site. I placed link buttons at the top of this page and on the main one too. Let’s try and keep the well-wishes (as limited as they may be) to things that have to do with the site. In other words, if you just came back from a Creed concert and feel like telling the world how awesome it was, save it for when I build the Shout Outs message board.

I also want to apologize about the annoying pop-ups that are on this site. (That’s how the bills get paid) It all depends on the time of day and how much web traffic the site has seen in the past while. I guess I have you people to blame/thank for it.


Being normal

Today was one of those days… it cleared up a bit, so I went shopping. I then needed to clean the rest of my house and once I got through that, I found I had wasted pretty much the entire day. I wrote an email to my mom… checked my mail in case she wrote back (she didn’t yet) and then had a snack.

Thinking it could only go further south from there on in, I made plans to stay in tonight, but then shot those down when Tammy called and was feeling lonely. So went went for drinks at a nearby hotel bar and that brings to me to where I am now.

So as you can see, not very productive or interesting, but proof that normal things do happen in my life.

Speaking of normal,  I also know I have to go and get my new membership card for the Sam’s Club stores that are coming to Toronto next month. I signed up a while back but haven’t my horrible pictures taken for the ID cards yet. So now the ball is in your court, Sam’s Club… let’s see if you can take a better photo than Costco and the D.M.V.

Rather than sit home last night, I decided to go and see what trouble I could get into.A few friends decided we should go to Dave & Busters up in Vaughan. We ended up having a great time – mostly because they had SKEE-BALL! (Now, here’s where growing up on the Jersey Shore as a Jersey Girl is put to good use!) I tried the Philly Cheese Steak at their restaurant, and sadly it wasn’t the best I ever ate. But then again I’m nowhere near Philly right now so I guess all is forgiven.

I also was able to work on two columns yesterday and started a third one, but now I have to go back and edit them since I am my worst critic and I don’t think they’re the funniest or the best I have done.

And if you got a few minutes to spare and you wanna laugh, then check out this site called Homestar Runner. Tammy showed it to me and once you get used to the silliness of it all, it’s pretty witty and fun.

Lots got done

I did what I needed to do by going to the store and getting a few things for the house. I also brought the ol’ leather jacket out of the closet and put it on for the first time. Autumn is in the air for sure. Soon I will be able to smell the fireplaces and the wet leafs.

The more I think about it, the more I really enjoy Fall in Toronto. Maybe because it was when I first lived her in 1997, or just maybe because of the way it feels. Either way, I am actually looking forward to raking my lawn. I also read some more of Candace Bushnell’s latest effort “Trading Up” which hasn’t been the best read, but it’s still fun. I’ll let you know when I’m done what I think.

In even better news, I finished and sold another story and I just learned that it might be a whole hell of a lot easier and faster to use Microsoft FrontPage to edit this website instead of having two browsers going at one time. I know, I know, I can hear you saying “well what were you doing before?” I’m a slow learner.

Once again I’ve been asked to take part in “The Word on The Street” festival for writers and authors here in Toronto this Sunday. I hear it’s going to be a nice day, so look for me somewhere in all the fun either reading to a group of people, or answering questions or enjoying a hot dog.

And if all that wasn’t enough, I had a great meal last night at one of my favorite Tex-Mex places here in Toronto “The Lone-Star Cafe” (not to be confused with it’s American namesake.) It’s so hard to get good Tex-Mex these days… although I do want to start branching out and going to more restaurants that aren’t big chains.

News Week in Canada

It’s the Canadian News Wire’s News Week here in Toronto and around the country as well. This gives journalists and public relations people a chance to tour newsrooms and newspapers and see what goes on behind the scenes.

I just came back from a tour of the CTV studios, which for anyone reading this who lives in the States, is a really big deal. (And no, not just because I was invited to see it.) CTV is a major national broadcaster here in Canada, at par with NBC or one of the big four in the U.S.

It was really interesting to take a look at what goes on and how they put together their programing. And – excuse the name-dropping here – it gave me a chance to meet Canadian broadcasting legend, Lloyd Robertson.

Life goes on

Still saddened by the sudden passing of John Ritter. It was really one of those things that nobody saw coming. He seemed fine and healthy and that everything was going well for him. Then out of nowhere, he’s gone.

Speaking of things that are gone, or rather should be gone, has anyone been watching Canadian Idol?  Yes, in case you’re wondering, it IS a piss-poor spin-off (or knockoff, depending how you look at it) of the American version, which itself is a crappy version of the British one.

Those I talk to absolutely hate the show, and most everyone else has ignored it and pretended it never happened. Hopefully it won’t be back for a second season. But then again, things with Idol in the name usually stick around way past their expiry date because someone is dumb enough to watch it.

Still busy, still working

As always, I’ve been busy. I did some much needed work, put off doing the laundry for as long as possible and took a look at the new layout for this site. I’ve been toying with making some changes to my web world in the coming year, but knowing me, I don’t think I can wait that long to unveil it.

If nothing else, visiting my web-buddy who has been suggesting layouts and ideas for me, gave me a chance to sit around, drink a Starbucks Latte with an open briefcase nearby and look like I’m one of the super-working-office-tower people of this city. The plans I went over look pretty nice and should bring a better, more easy read to some of the pages on this site.

I did make it to the Film Festival as promised and even took in a few parties. Again, I’m not really one for all that, but it was nice to be invited.  In keeping with all things entertaining, I picked up Family Guy Voume 3 on DVD, so I know what I’ll be doing for the next few days.

I also got my ass out and about for more food-related adventures. Last week I went to  Joe Badali’s on Front Street and then yesterday I drove down Queen Street the so-called up-and-coming area known as Leslieville and tried “Gio Rana’s Really, Really Nice Restaurant”. (Yes, that IS the real name.)

I had been to his original restaurant on Yonge Street, a place that locals called “The Nose” and was pleased to see that things have gotten even better.

Keeping busy

It’s been a busy couple of days. I’m glad to tell you that my friends who were sick are feeling much better.  This is important news because as soon as they were feeling like their old selves again, we went to this great Asian restaurant on Yonge Street called Spring Rolls.

If that wasn’t enough, the Toronto Film Festival started today which means the city just became overcrowded with celebrities and the gawkers who love looking at them. I have a few stories to file about it, so I’ll make my way around Yorkville during the festivities, but I doubt I’ll really get myself into it.

I also slept like the dead after being awake for so long and finished off my first few bottles of Pepsi Vanilla. I can feel a pimple coming in now. BUT, it does taste great.