Leah’s wearing my pajamas

I am a little disappointed that “Toronto Fashion” magazine didn’t pick me to be one of the local “celebs” showing off what they wear to bed in a feature called “What Do You Wear to Bed?” (Great title, don’t you think??) I was actually in the running at first, seeing as some feel I am a fresh young up and coming writer.

What’s even more puzzling (if you can call it that) is that Leah McLaren – who by the way, is a great young columnist for The Globe and Mail – is wearing the exact same outfit that I would have had on! (Black satin pajamas. And they are her won too. Not like some prop or wardrobe outfit given to simply for the shoot.)

She’s a year younger than me, published in the Globe And Mail, got my space in the magazine and is wearing satin pj’s! Lucky she’s really cool or else it would SO be on right now!


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