Blackout… part 5

The Blackout is over… mostly. Rolling brownouts or blackouts or whatever they are called are still hitting parts of the city, but I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that when I flip a switch, the light comes on.(Interesting enough, even with the power out, I would still turn the light switch “on” when I went into the bathroom.)

The movie theaters didn’t want to miss a beat last night, so as soon as they got power back, the films were up and running. (So yes, I finally saw Freddy vs. Jason. And it was good.)  But again, like most people, they were taking it easy by not using extra lights when they weren’t needed. It actually reminds me a bit of the Ice Storm back in 1998 when Montreal was hit with a brutal storm and power was knocked out for days.  When it finally came back on, people were told to use as little as possible.

I was actually caught in the middle of that, even though I was living in Toronto at the time. I had taken the Greyhound bus, coming back from my Christmas holidays in Jersey and decided to stop in Montreal to see a friend. Next thing I knew, the city was covered in snow and ice for a week and nobody could come or go except by car, which as you can imagine, wasn’t encouraged.


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