Blackout… part 3

It’s a ghost town out there right now. I drove as far west as Mississauga and actually found a gas station with power. Naturally they were trying to jack up the prices of everything in order to capitalize on what’s happening right now.

The downtown core of Toronto is almost empty, with the exception of a few people walking around looking for hotels and businesses that are running on generators. Streetcars are left dark on the streets, there is no sounds coming from the subway stations. Local radio has been keeping people up to date on what’s going on, and from the sounds of things, the problem started in Ohio.

It’s shortly after one in the morning on Friday. It’s very dark right now, which is an interesting feeling. Somewhat comforting, yet somewhat scary in a way. And when I say it’s very dark… I mean VERY dark.  I just hope people who were trapped in elevators were rescued by now.

Going to bed when the power is off is a very strange sensation. Normally I like my room dark. I have blackout curtains and I don’t leave any lights on.  But tonight it’s different. Knowing there isn’t a light to turn on, even if I wanted to, is a scary thought.

In case you’re wondering, I obviously missed seeing Freddy vs. Jason last night.


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