Blackout… part 2

OK.. I can now tell you that blackout (already being called Blackout 2003) is probably one of the largest blackouts in history. Something like 60 million people are being effected by this. With my trusty laptop and back-up batteries, I’m able to get on line, but the signal is weak so I don’t think I can do much of this.

I got to my friend’s apartment building and made use of the stairs to climb fifteen floors only to learn that things weren’t much better there. Although we did meet some new friends who were in need of someone with a flashlight to help them find their way through the dark building.

Tammy who lives in midtown is also without power, but I didn’t dare make the drive down there with no traffic lights to guide the traffic. I’m told there are some “well-meaning” people who are acting as traffic cops.  Folks, if you read this, don’t be an idiot. I know you mean well, and maybe get to act out some childhood fantasy, but you’re only making things worse.  Stay off the streets and leave the traffic work to the police.

The sun is setting on the city and according to the ol’ battery powered radio the power won’t be back on any time soon. I’m thinking of venturing out later on once it’s dark (or rather, darker) outside.  Thankfully it’s been a really nice summer day here in Toronto, so people who were forced to walk home had good temperatures to do so in.

I’m just glad my friends and I weren’t stuck in New York City tonight, because from what I hear, it’s a total shit-show down there right now. Can you imagine 13 million people trying to get around that city with no power?


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