Putting on the breaks

Just 48 hours away from heading out on our summer road trip and we have pushed the dates back three weeks. This sucks because we were all looking forward to going away for a while, but I do understand that a couple friends who were feeling sick, want to feel their best before hitting the road. (Can you blame them, really? Nobody wants to be sick and stuck in a car for hours.)

The upside to all of this is that now I get to see Freddy vs. Jason on the late night screening this Thursday. Other than that, I have been working, trying to stay cool while this heat blasts Toronto and checking out a few movies at my favorite theaters, Rainbow Cinemas. Why are they my fave? Because they show the same first run movies at a fraction of the cost of the major three chains here in Toronto. Hollywood wants us to stop downloading and stealing movies so that people keep their jobs on set? Well, they should do something about keeping the price at the box office down too.

Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for actors making 20 million a movie and films that cost $150 million bucks. Theaters like Rainbow keep the costs down and let people enjoy first run movies… How has your life been?


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