Month: August 2003

Slight changes

I made a slight change to my post that ran a few weeks ago. In the entry was titled “Leah is wearing my pajamas” the word pajamas was originally spelled “pyjamas” which is the correct Canadian spelling and the way it was published. But since so many people e-mailed me asking if it was a typo, I changed it on-line.

By the way, the Pepsi van dropped off my first case of Pepsi Vanilla and I gotta tell ya… it tastes really good!


Summer’s almost done

Well, as we head into the long weekend, it looks like yet another summer is coming to an end. Not a bad one, if I do say so… I still have yet to make it down to Jersey to see my family this year, but I’m sure sooner or later I will.


I’ve been keeping busy, restocking the freezer after the Blackout and of course writing. I can feel a long week coming on, but as I always say, if I get most things done on Monday, then the rest of the week just goes right by… let’s hope I wake up early tomorrow.

Leah’s wearing my pajamas

I am a little disappointed that “Toronto Fashion” magazine didn’t pick me to be one of the local “celebs” showing off what they wear to bed in a feature called “What Do You Wear to Bed?” (Great title, don’t you think??) I was actually in the running at first, seeing as some feel I am a fresh young up and coming writer.

What’s even more puzzling (if you can call it that) is that Leah McLaren – who by the way, is a great young columnist for The Globe and Mail – is wearing the exact same outfit that I would have had on! (Black satin pajamas. And they are her won too. Not like some prop or wardrobe outfit given to simply for the shoot.)

She’s a year younger than me, published in the Globe And Mail, got my space in the magazine and is wearing satin pj’s! Lucky she’s really cool or else it would SO be on right now!

Blackout… part 5

The Blackout is over… mostly. Rolling brownouts or blackouts or whatever they are called are still hitting parts of the city, but I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that when I flip a switch, the light comes on.(Interesting enough, even with the power out, I would still turn the light switch “on” when I went into the bathroom.)

The movie theaters didn’t want to miss a beat last night, so as soon as they got power back, the films were up and running. (So yes, I finally saw Freddy vs. Jason. And it was good.)  But again, like most people, they were taking it easy by not using extra lights when they weren’t needed. It actually reminds me a bit of the Ice Storm back in 1998 when Montreal was hit with a brutal storm and power was knocked out for days.  When it finally came back on, people were told to use as little as possible.

I was actually caught in the middle of that, even though I was living in Toronto at the time. I had taken the Greyhound bus, coming back from my Christmas holidays in Jersey and decided to stop in Montreal to see a friend. Next thing I knew, the city was covered in snow and ice for a week and nobody could come or go except by car, which as you can imagine, wasn’t encouraged.

Blackout… part 4

It’s true what they say; everything is better in the morning.  After a surprisingly restless morning, I’m up and ready to see what’s working today. Already I can tell you that most of Toronto is still shut down. Some things are back up and running, but there is such a strain on the power-grid that we can expect rolling blackouts for the next couple of days.

I talked with my mother back home in Jersey and she told me that most of the state was also in darkness, as well as Pennsylvania and New York. So yeah, we would have been screwed had we decided to take our road trip this weekend. (Maybe things happen for a reason.)

Tammy is hanging tough in midtown Toronto and other friends I talked to are making the most of the situation. The best thing to do is just relax and wait for the lights to come back on.

Blackout… part 3

It’s a ghost town out there right now. I drove as far west as Mississauga and actually found a gas station with power. Naturally they were trying to jack up the prices of everything in order to capitalize on what’s happening right now.

The downtown core of Toronto is almost empty, with the exception of a few people walking around looking for hotels and businesses that are running on generators. Streetcars are left dark on the streets, there is no sounds coming from the subway stations. Local radio has been keeping people up to date on what’s going on, and from the sounds of things, the problem started in Ohio.

It’s shortly after one in the morning on Friday. It’s very dark right now, which is an interesting feeling. Somewhat comforting, yet somewhat scary in a way. And when I say it’s very dark… I mean VERY dark.  I just hope people who were trapped in elevators were rescued by now.

Going to bed when the power is off is a very strange sensation. Normally I like my room dark. I have blackout curtains and I don’t leave any lights on.  But tonight it’s different. Knowing there isn’t a light to turn on, even if I wanted to, is a scary thought.

In case you’re wondering, I obviously missed seeing Freddy vs. Jason last night.