Yesterday and Today

I spent a rather interesting day yesterday. We were supposed to all head over to Olivia’s place for a columnist gathering, but it was bumped up until tonight. This of course gave me a chance to do other things including a afternoon drink at (or two…) Colony Kitchen  which is the so-called “upscale” restaurant/bar owned by Club Monaco in Yorkville.

After we were done strutting our stuff on Bloor Street, my friend Tammy and I then went and saw X2: X-Men United at the Fox Beaches cinema which is part of the amazing Festival Cinemas group we support through membership. I had already seen it and I think Tammy had too, but we both enjoyed it just the same.Support your local rep theaters people!!

Oh, and my mom has her tickets…she’s on her way to Toronto on Tuesday!

Now I’m off to Olivia’s for the gathering.


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