Month: July 2003

Good times were (and will be) had

For those who are wondering, my mother had a great time in Toronto with my aunt when they were here . No,they didn’t stick around for the Rolling Stones “Concert for Toronto”, nor did I. I had to make a run to Montreal for a freelance piece I am covering and that’s where I am right now. Surprise! I’ll be back in Toronto this coming Monday and from there on in, it’s only a little while longer until I hit the road again with some friends for our summer road trip

I am also looking into getting a much faster computer so I can get work done and be on with my life.


Yesterday and Today

I spent a rather interesting day yesterday. We were supposed to all head over to Olivia’s place for a columnist gathering, but it was bumped up until tonight. This of course gave me a chance to do other things including a afternoon drink at (or two…) Colony Kitchen  which is the so-called “upscale” restaurant/bar owned by Club Monaco in Yorkville.

After we were done strutting our stuff on Bloor Street, my friend Tammy and I then went and saw X2: X-Men United at the Fox Beaches cinema which is part of the amazing Festival Cinemas group we support through membership. I had already seen it and I think Tammy had too, but we both enjoyed it just the same.Support your local rep theaters people!!

Oh, and my mom has her tickets…she’s on her way to Toronto on Tuesday!

Now I’m off to Olivia’s for the gathering.

Family is coming to town

Well, sis is out but Mom and Aunt are coming for sure! Next Tuesday they will finally be coming to see me. This, as I have said, has been over ten years in the making. I am really looking forward to their stay.

This past weekend was fun doing my part as an Italian girl in the Toronto media taking part in the Corso-Italia Street Festival. I did some more writing in my new book, but have hit a slow point. I’m still not sure when I will finish it, but I’m not setting any deadlines for myself. I’m still working on a format for my on-line column… I’ll let you know about that as it comes.

Hitting the books

Back from the Corso-Italia festival and all dressed up for maybe a night on the town, I chose to stay in and do some writing… and much to my surprise, I began writing my new book. This came as quite a shock to me seeing as all I had was the title kicking around in my head for the longest time. But now an actual book is underway! This is great news seeing as I wondered if I would be able to write it after so many years.

Cheese and writing

Well, I’m going to do it. I’m going to launch my new on-line column very soon. The reason, you ask? Because sometimes one can’t say what they really want to say in print in the local newspapers. So soon I will be really “shooting from the hips” when my new column comes on line… and this website will be the ONLY place you can see it.

In other news, I made a trip to the Grande Cheese Outlet (nothing says “classy” like the words, “cheese” and “outlet”) on Orfus Road, and stocked up on some great cheese.

And, I’m not holding my breath, but it looks like, for the first time in over 10 years, my mother, my aunt and my sister will finally be making their return to Canada! My mom has said she WILL be coming to visit me (FINALLY) here in Toronto! I’ll keep you posted on the dates and if it actually happens.

Happy 4th

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY… Have a safe and happy long weekend and remember, don’t drink and drive. Oh yeah, and don’t play with fireworks unless you know what you are doing. However, if you happen to be on “my list” of people who make me angry, then by all means, grab some fireworks, light ’em up and have a blast! (Make sure to hold on tight!)

Red and white all night

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Today will be the annual “Zoey’s World Canada Day Party” which, for the first time last year was put on hold because it was moving day for me. So this year I will kick back and relax with friends and co-workers and then do it all again this Friday for the 4th of July!

Speaking of summer, so far this year’s summer movies have been nothing but a letdown. Terminator III has a sneak showing tonight, but I think I will wait and see how this one plays out. Hulk was a huge letdown. In fact it was not only one of the worst super hero movies I’ve ever seen, but quite possibility one of the films in general I have had to sit through.

This past week, I also got to cover the Gay Pride Week which here in Toronto is quite the event. Case and point, I was standing on a street with thousands of people who don’t want to have sex with me… no matter how you look at it. But it was still a cool party.