Feeling dirty… but in a new way

I feel so dirty. Kind of like how Britney Spears feels in the morning, when she wakes up, gets dressed and makes her way home. Except my kind of dirty is because I’m a writer and I haven’t updated my site in such a long time.

I come back from Montreal, start working and going to events when I have to. Also, any plans of going back home to New Jersey for a few weeks will have to wait until maybe the end of summer.

In other news; I finally got my shorts from Hooters! This has been a long time coming! (Yes, I wanted a pair of Hooters Girl shorts. It was sort of a silly thing, but I always wanted to see what I would look like wearing them. No, there will not be pictures.)

In an added twist, I won myself 50 free chicken wings too! Bonus.


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