Month: May 2003

End of the season

And so, the 2002/2003 season of TV winds down, Gilmore Girls has ended for now which means other than watching WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown! TV has gone back to sucking. I keep wondering why do I even bother having a satellite dish?

In other news, as late spring rolls on and soon enough summer begins, so do the never-ending events that I find myself going to. In Montreal it was festivals and concerts, here it’s some party to raise money for something else, or somebody launching a new product… or just a bunch of people standing around talking… either way, all is good in Toronto.

I hope your holiday weekends went well. I still haven’t seen Bruce Almighty, and even though I want to, the lure of Dairy Queen Blizzards is greater.


Rim shot!

As it turns out, a majority of the internet worlds couldn’t see the “century gothic” font I was using for the site. I guess some screens, some computers and some editions of Windows aren’t as good as I thought that were. Time to buy new computers, people.

My garden is all planted, my house and car are clean, most work has been done and yes,  I finally did it: I bought a new basketball net for my driveway. It’s one of those ones that has it’s own stand and is a pain in the ass to put together, but I like it. Nothing like the mental image of a 28 year redhead standing 5 feet, 10 inches tall, making rim shots on her driveway while others on my street walk to the bus stops or drive to work.One of the nice things of working at home… you should all try it.

Feeling dirty… but in a new way

I feel so dirty. Kind of like how Britney Spears feels in the morning, when she wakes up, gets dressed and makes her way home. Except my kind of dirty is because I’m a writer and I haven’t updated my site in such a long time.

I come back from Montreal, start working and going to events when I have to. Also, any plans of going back home to New Jersey for a few weeks will have to wait until maybe the end of summer.

In other news; I finally got my shorts from Hooters! This has been a long time coming! (Yes, I wanted a pair of Hooters Girl shorts. It was sort of a silly thing, but I always wanted to see what I would look like wearing them. No, there will not be pictures.)

In an added twist, I won myself 50 free chicken wings too! Bonus.

Back in Montreal

Would you believe I’m back in Montreal again. Came to town for a press event and to get a few things written. Yes, I know I could have done that part at home, but sometimes you gotta go where the money is, and this time the money is in Montreal.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of writing a much longer book than the “free-writing” I’ve been doing with my so-called memoir. Just thinking a few things through right now, but it might actually be fun.  Then again, writing a book is certainly not an easy job and I want to be sure I can commit to it before I start it and then forget about it three months later.

I tend to do that a lot.

Rest in Peace Miss Elizabeth

As it tends to these days, work has kept me busy and so have some household tasks such as looking after my garden, cooking and spring cleaning.

I was sad to hear about the passing of one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s former Superstar, Elizabeth Hulette who died on May 1st at the age of 42. She was a great character (as “Miss Elizabeth”) in the WWE (back then known as the WWF) and a great roll model for young women, such as myself, who liked Wrestling.

One memory was getting to see her at WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V when the events were held in Atlantic City. She will be missed.