Thoughts and more thoughts

This is where I would be telling you to go and check out my newest entry, except for the fact that after 15 minutes of solid writing, my computer was either too slow for what I was doing or my crappy dial-up internet service was became like an old man who forgets his pants, and just dropped what I was loading – and lost my work.

This is really a shame seeing as I had some great thoughts/rants about Britney Spears and everyone who she has slept with her, which by the way, you can assume is a lot of people.

I woke up from a much needed long nap and made some sweeping changes. I was reading the older updates from 2002 and saw that by this time last year, they seemed more interesting.

I was also doing something close to nothing by surfing the ‘net and went to check out director Kevin Smith’s (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) diary about his newest movie JERSEY GIRL. You gotta love the title except for the fact that Jennifer Whore-pez is in it.  Yeah, I know that totally blows, but since it’s about my “homestate” and since it IS a Kevin Smith film I will give it a shot when it comes out. (Making it my FIRST Jennifer Lopez movie that I will ever watch)

Smith says the movie clocks in at 2 hours and 18 minutes, but I’m sure he will cut it down a bit. I will try again to fix my my site so that you can read my thougts – as evil as they are, but since right now even the server that runs my diary is down, I’m not going to bother linking it.


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