Month: February 2003

A few more days

What an interesting few days it’s been in my life. (Although I get the feeling I may have oversold things by opening with that.). Taking a look at my own life, I haven’t been to a movie in what seems like ages. Maybe I will go and see something today.

I did manage to get out and see some friends, even though I am tired of the club and bar scene.

On a sad note, Mr. Rogers passed away today. He will be missed by millions, who no doubt, send out their thoughts and their prayers to his family and many thanks to all the happiness he brought us.



It’s Saturday night and I felt like updating the website… funny thing is I was all dressed up (and still am) to go out, but bad weather and some venting has kept me in. So I blew a got a few things off my chest and and did some writing. Now I feel better


Well, it’s been an interesting week. I am sticking to my work-out plan and haven’t given in to any temptation, which for me is hard seeing as temptation is virtually everywhere these days.

And just for a little “food for thought”… Reality Shows still suck! They have writers, they are fake and the people in them are actors. Sorry, but it’s true. Let’s be honest, when Pro-Wrestling starts to look real when placed side by side with “Joe Jerkoff Millionaire” or “The Slut-ette”, you know it’s time to change the channel.

A little love

I am at the gym now 3 times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and playing Badminton on Tuesdays (sometimes) Since I start early, I have the rest of the day ahead of me.

fFor those who are wondering what I am doing for Valentine’s Day… the answer is nothing, seeing as now its just as “cool” to be anti-Valentine’s as it is to go out and celebrate. I just can’t seem to win.

In the words of Rosa, a chef friend of mine, “Vanetine’s Day is bullshit… does it mean that you only love your special person one day a year?” See, I’m not the only one who thinks like that. Although I do like the day, if nothing else because you get to be nice to people and you get to wear red.

Strange, strange world

Without a doubt, Thursday night was one of the strangest nights I have ever been witness to.  Thankfully, everything that I saw, didn’t happen to me directly, but rather played out on television. (And people still wonder if TV is evil or not.)

First crazy thing I learned… it turns out that the winner of the first “American Idol” so-called karaoke fest talent search, Kelly Clarkson, was in a gay porno movie. I haven’t seen it myself and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to, but that’s the latest gossip going around tonight.

The second, and by far way more shocking then I found out is that Michael Jackson is the world’s biggest whack-o. Either that or he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth closed.  Jacko spent the better part of the Living With Michael Jackson interview that aired on ABC telling anyone who would listen how “he sleeps in the same bed with children and sees nothing wrong with it..” in fact he went as far to say that parents who DON’T let their kids sleep in the same bed with him are “wacky”. Yes, pot meet kettle.

I pray that ABC re-runs this or better yet, release it for sale. I will run out and buy a DVD player that I can record on just so I can have what has to be the most shocking piece of TV history. Ross and Rachael and all those other clowns on Friends can kiss ABC’s Disney owned ass because Thursday night belonged to them… and today and possibly the rest of the week, the water cooler will belong to those standing around it saying “Can you believe it?”

The real shock is that there wasn’t just ONE part of the interview that was either upsetting or jaw-dropping… but rather THE WHOLE THING. The entire interview was something that was beyond words.

Skirting at IKEA

Things are always interesting here in Toronto. I have been working and of course always seeing what else is out there… and getting in some shopping at IKEA to see what else I can add to my house. It seems that there is always something new.

And…. it turns out that some people have heard of “Skirt Day”. This girl sent in a picture of her friend and herself on a “Skirt Snowboard Day” from last year. (Seems kind of cold to me…) I’m still waiting for more information.

Deepest sympathies

Everyone is still shocked and upset by this past weekend’s shuttle disaster. I’m deeply sorry to hear of such a sad event and thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Shuttle Columbia and their families. Hopefully they will find the strength to get through these tough times.

I know it won’t bring back loved ones, but maybe the notion that whole countries are sharing in your loss can provide some form of comfort during these days.