Nothing really, but thank you

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all those who sent in emails saying how on the ball I was when I slammed American Idol and reality TV yesterday. The reality is, it sucks. Get a life, people. Those shows are not even close to being real.

Think about it;  how many households do you know where there are TV cameras 24/7? Doesn’t matter if its American Idol Joe Liar-Jerkoff, Out-of-Work Celebs (The Mole 3 & that other one with MC Hammer) The Osbornes, Survivor, Popstars or any crap that some network suits dreamed up in order to get mindless viewers to tune in. The only thing these programs do is show that there truly are suckers born every minute.

Anyway, enough about that. Other things have been on my mind. For example; when the hell is Skirt-Day? There seems to be some debate about it. Some say it’s May 30, others February 13. I know a lot of offices will have a “skirt-day” where everyone (girls and boys) have to wear skirts, but as far as “National Skirt Day” and “International Skirt Day”, I’m still lost on that one. Might be a fun trend to start… e-mail me if you have any idea.


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