The ball keeps rolling

Tuesday is always an interesting night, aside from the fact that when I rule the world it will be the official start of the week instead of Monday… tonight was going to be a normal night until I ended up heading downtown with some people from work and other media types to an amazing restaurant called Kit-Kat located on King Street in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment Area.

I also found out that by being out I missed “American Idol” where once again two washed up losers and a British blow-hard sit around and give false hope to wannabe singers who took time out from their day-jobs at Spencer gifts to be made fun of on TV.

I have said it before and I will say it again, today’s pop music sucks. And the only thing worse than creating another so-called pop-star and filling the heads of teenagers with the dream that one-day, they too could be singers, is when “American Idol” unleashes its next “singer” into the world.

Thankfully Atlantic City has 13 casinos (the newest, The Borgatta Casino and Spa opens in July) so that whoever else comes out of that show will have places to bar-tend in between their part time singing gig in the lounges. Here’s a little piece of information for you… if you are 18, going to college and still think you are going to be like Britney… don’t quit your day job. You’re gonna need it.

Oh, and more changes have been made to the site and a new front page which some like, and others don’t. It seems I can never make everyone happy. Oh well… maybe I will take in a movie tomorrow.

Just a quick side note, Adam D who I mentioned the other day, did in fact read my post and sent along a little poem note to me. I love it when people do that. (Not that it happens often, but I do like it when it does.)

“Well, I’ve got a new friend – she’s my internet girl
She lives in a place called Zoey’s World.
It’s a sweet little place in cyberspace –
Where I can visit any time and see her face.”


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