No Globes for me

Don’t even bother asking if I watched the Golden Globes because a trained reader of my work will know I HATE award shows where famous people sit around and give themselves prizes for being famous. In 2 years from now everyone will have forgot about whatever pile of monkey-stink Nicolle Kidman was in this year and have moved on with their lives.

Anyway, what’s new in your life? I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. Not much other than some on-going changes to this site.

SuperBowl is coming up next week and while I don’t really care for either team, it might be fun to watch. I never did make it to “all you can eat rib night” at Applebees last night, but I guess that’s just as well. I still had some left overs from Sunday and I am trying to watch what I eat this year. 8 glasses of water a day… more than normal trips to the gym… Badminton is back on again… gotta get in shape.


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