Work, work, work

I’m doing a freelance job downtown Toronto today, which means I have traded in my house clothes for a business suit. (Skirt above the knee, nice jacket and yes, white satin blouse if you are keeping track…)

I have updated my On-Line-Diary, so if you feel brave, once again you can check it out. Also, drop by THE ZOEY STORE and get your paws on some fresh new Catherine Giordano “Cat-Gurl” shirts, mugs and stickers. Oh, I will also be heading even further downtown later this morning to take part in the annual “Toronto Women’s Health Matters” show going on this weekend at the Metro Center.

Some might remember from last year I went to the same show as I began down the path that lead me here to Toronto. Once down there, I plan on enjoying some lunch, because as I said last year…”women have to eat!”


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