Movies and dot coms

I was just sitting downstairs watching the Kevin Spacey movie The Shipping News and oh wow, that was a depressing waste of time. I made it through the first 20 minutes of it and I just had to turn it off. So to cheer myself up, I watched the ending of Rocky II. He wins, just in case any of you were wondering. And then, to cap the morning off, I came up here.

Now, let’s see what I have been up to this weekend… Speaking of sequels, I finally saw Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers and I managed to do some much needed shopping. (As if there is any other kinds, right?) I had time to make an entry in my On-Line-Diary as well clean the house. Of course it’s never good enough and I know there are loads of laundry to do and another clean up.

I was planning on seeing a movie today too, but just stayed in for now. Maybe later. I really have to start getting back into the loop now that I am back in Toronto. I did however manage to get my Christmas decorations down finally.

On a great note, thanks to  the kindness and forethought of Adam D (who already has earned the title of “Most Wonderful Guy of 2003”) I now have the new address for this website. (you don’t have to click it, you’re already here…) It was a long time coming and now it looks so much nicer to have that as the domain name.

Adam, if you read this, which I’m guessing you will, thanks a million! Also, Wednesday will be The Return of Zoey to China Buffet King. That’s right, I’m going back to one of my favorite places for all-you-can-eat Chinese food.

How’s your year so far?


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