Month: January 2003

Happy Chinese New Year

I have been keeping busy these past few days by going to the gym, playing badminton and even getting some work done by going to a press event.  (Aren’t you proud of me?) I did make it to the movies after all this week and saw “Catch Me If You Can” and while I may be the only girl on the planet who doesn’t think that Leo is cute, the film was well worth it.

My friend got in a pretty bad car accident when a plank of wood came off the back of a truck and slammed into the car, so I have been making sure everything is okay… and what better way to nurse someone back to health than to read them the newest columns from Catherine Giordano and Charley McCove! And for those who have asked, some of my “Shooting from the Hips” columns will be up next week.


Happy SuperBowl

Nothing much is new. I had a great meal last night at Gio’s Italian Restaurant restaurant in Toronto, and it gave me once again some more ideas for restaurant concepts should I ever decide to go into the restaurant business. You know, in case this whole journalism thing doesn’t pan out.

Other than that, I went shopping, did some work and now updated my on line diary.

Nothing really, but thank you

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all those who sent in emails saying how on the ball I was when I slammed American Idol and reality TV yesterday. The reality is, it sucks. Get a life, people. Those shows are not even close to being real.

Think about it;  how many households do you know where there are TV cameras 24/7? Doesn’t matter if its American Idol Joe Liar-Jerkoff, Out-of-Work Celebs (The Mole 3 & that other one with MC Hammer) The Osbornes, Survivor, Popstars or any crap that some network suits dreamed up in order to get mindless viewers to tune in. The only thing these programs do is show that there truly are suckers born every minute.

Anyway, enough about that. Other things have been on my mind. For example; when the hell is Skirt-Day? There seems to be some debate about it. Some say it’s May 30, others February 13. I know a lot of offices will have a “skirt-day” where everyone (girls and boys) have to wear skirts, but as far as “National Skirt Day” and “International Skirt Day”, I’m still lost on that one. Might be a fun trend to start… e-mail me if you have any idea.

The ball keeps rolling

Tuesday is always an interesting night, aside from the fact that when I rule the world it will be the official start of the week instead of Monday… tonight was going to be a normal night until I ended up heading downtown with some people from work and other media types to an amazing restaurant called Kit-Kat located on King Street in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment Area.

I also found out that by being out I missed “American Idol” where once again two washed up losers and a British blow-hard sit around and give false hope to wannabe singers who took time out from their day-jobs at Spencer gifts to be made fun of on TV.

I have said it before and I will say it again, today’s pop music sucks. And the only thing worse than creating another so-called pop-star and filling the heads of teenagers with the dream that one-day, they too could be singers, is when “American Idol” unleashes its next “singer” into the world.

Thankfully Atlantic City has 13 casinos (the newest, The Borgatta Casino and Spa opens in July) so that whoever else comes out of that show will have places to bar-tend in between their part time singing gig in the lounges. Here’s a little piece of information for you… if you are 18, going to college and still think you are going to be like Britney… don’t quit your day job. You’re gonna need it.

Oh, and more changes have been made to the site and a new front page which some like, and others don’t. It seems I can never make everyone happy. Oh well… maybe I will take in a movie tomorrow.

Just a quick side note, Adam D who I mentioned the other day, did in fact read my post and sent along a little poem note to me. I love it when people do that. (Not that it happens often, but I do like it when it does.)

“Well, I’ve got a new friend – she’s my internet girl
She lives in a place called Zoey’s World.
It’s a sweet little place in cyberspace –
Where I can visit any time and see her face.”

No Globes for me

Don’t even bother asking if I watched the Golden Globes because a trained reader of my work will know I HATE award shows where famous people sit around and give themselves prizes for being famous. In 2 years from now everyone will have forgot about whatever pile of monkey-stink Nicolle Kidman was in this year and have moved on with their lives.

Anyway, what’s new in your life? I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. Not much other than some on-going changes to this site.

SuperBowl is coming up next week and while I don’t really care for either team, it might be fun to watch. I never did make it to “all you can eat rib night” at Applebees last night, but I guess that’s just as well. I still had some left overs from Sunday and I am trying to watch what I eat this year. 8 glasses of water a day… more than normal trips to the gym… Badminton is back on again… gotta get in shape.

Work, work, work

I’m doing a freelance job downtown Toronto today, which means I have traded in my house clothes for a business suit. (Skirt above the knee, nice jacket and yes, white satin blouse if you are keeping track…)

I have updated my On-Line-Diary, so if you feel brave, once again you can check it out. Also, drop by THE ZOEY STORE and get your paws on some fresh new Catherine Giordano “Cat-Gurl” shirts, mugs and stickers. Oh, I will also be heading even further downtown later this morning to take part in the annual “Toronto Women’s Health Matters” show going on this weekend at the Metro Center.

Some might remember from last year I went to the same show as I began down the path that lead me here to Toronto. Once down there, I plan on enjoying some lunch, because as I said last year…”women have to eat!”

Stuffed again

I stuffed myself silly last night at the China Buffet King restaurant. Once again I took “all you can eat” to an all new level. Of course that lead to little or nothing productive being done today, but I needed to take some time to relax.

I’m sure tomorrow will be full of running around. I did however make some changes to the site and added the new “title banners” to the columnists pages and columns.